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Dependable Personal Service

I am Stuart Robinson, founder of S. Robinson & Associates Investigative Services. After a successful 30-year career as one of Idaho's lead criminal investigators, I was approached by several attorneys expressing their need for assistance with legal cases.

In response, I established my company in 2005 to serve private individuals, attorneys, and businesses. Our mission is to provide a methodical and accurate investigation in a timely manner and exceed our client’s expectations with integrity and accountability.

Providing Investigative Assistance for More Than 50 Years

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Career in Criminal Investigation

Throughout my extensive career as a criminal investigator for the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, I've received specialized training in complex crime and crime scene investigations. I have also led some of the state’s most riveting murder investigations.

My work has received many federal and state recognitions. Many of my cases are now being aired on programs such as 48 Hours, 20/20, Nancy Grace, Tru-TV's Body of Evidence, and Discovery Channel Solved.

Certified Investigations Instructor

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Forensics Career and Teaching Experience

I have had the privilege of working with legendary forensics experts including Dr. Henry Lee, Rod Englert, Joseph Rynearson, and Jerry Chisom. My expertise in the field of forensics earned me the nickname “the Investigator's Instructor.”

At the Idaho Peace Officers Standards & Training Academy and the College of Southern Idaho, I was a certified instructor of crime scene investigation, evidence collection, executive protection, and fingerprint identification.

Idaho Courtroom Expert

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Professional Testimony for Idaho Court Cases

Proper case preparation is essential to success. Improper file management or inexperienced courtroom testimony can cost anyone their case.

Throughout my career, I have testified in thousands of Idaho court cases and hold a strong record of success. Beyond investigating, I am also adept at preparing your case and presenting it in a compelling format for a district court or jury.

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